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The mission statement of LAMSA e.V.

What does LAMSA stand for?

The „Landesnetzwerk Migrantenorganisationen Sachsen-Anhalt “national network of migrant organisations Saxony-Anhalt (LAMSA) e. V. is a voluntary merger of people with a migration background in Saxony-Anhalt. As umbrella association of migrant organisations, LAMSA unites people of different origin, cultural imprint as well as religious affiliation and so represents a unit of diversity.

LAMSA concentrates resources and potentials, which are of exceptional relevance for the community. Its members contribute extensive competences and abilities, which in the future will become more important in coping with social and cultural challenges. Along with specific expertise these are language skills, “worldly wisdom” as well as experience in dealing with new life and work situations.    

LAMSA builds bridges for population groups with a migration background, for whom social participation is hampered. Language barriers, insecurities and shame but also discrimination experiences create a hindrance for many people with a migration background to make contact with public institutions of society. Consultation and support in their mother tongue and by people with a similar cultural background substantially helps them to overcome these barriers.

LAMSA is an important player in the political fields of migration and integration. The extreme heterogeneous depiction of interests of people with a migration background can only be represented without distortion by organized migrants themselves. They are in the position to authentically express and present their interests.    

Public entities and institutions of the majority society have a contact partner in LAMSA, to provide them with a differentiated view of interests of various population groups with a migration background in regard to political migration and integrational needs.

LAMSA stands for working together in diversity and is an example for tolerant affiliation. LAMSA understands itself as a link between migrants as well as between people with or without a migration background. LAMSA is well aware of the resulting responsibility. It will therefore always try to be attentive for the issues and interests of its members as well as all people with a migration background, to present itself competently and to meet on equal basis.  

By representing their interests, LAMSA does however not only stand in the service of people with a migration background, but rather also in service of the entire society. 

What does LAMSA want to achieve?

The higher aim of LAMSA is the participation on equal footing of all people with a migration background in social life. A society free of prejudices and free of discrimination is its underlying vision.  The goal of LAMSA’s work is that it will not be necessary for people with a migration background to have separate interest representation.                                                                                                                                                                 

To achieve this goal LAMSA with all its activities works towards the best possible social participation of migrants. Empowered people with a migration background on the one hand and an intercultural open society on the other are the necessary milestones that LAMSA wants to achieve with its actions.   

To implement these goals LAMSA can perform suitable projects and for this purpose employ fulltime external personnel. 

Which values and principles should determine the actions of LAMSA? 

The conduct of LAMSA is significantly characterized by the values of the UN Human rights charter. Especially the believe in the fundamental human rights of values and dignity of people determines its course.    

Furthermore, the activities of LAMSA are directed on the concept of trans culturalism. Living together in a diverse society succeeds when the meeting of diverse cultures leads to rescindment and not to the hardening of cultural borders.

In its daily work LAMSA values an honest and trustworthy interaction with its cooperation partners as well as with each other. It strives for a valuing communication on equal terms. Problems are addressed constructively, decisions are made democratically and transparently.  

The members as well as all people involved at LAMSA act out of the conviction that a diverse society is a rich society. They live the values of tolerance and open mindedness. This reflects our communication to the outside: it is determined yet respectful, responsible and conveying, in the process always careful and esteemed. 

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